Everything you need to know to keep safe when buying on AliExpress.com

Here are some tips to help you avoid some common issues encountered by other AliExpress buyers:
  • Before you buy, check the product details, such as size, order processing time, shipping time and costs. Contact the seller if you have any questions.

  • Check the seller’s rating and feedback scores. Read other buyers’ reviews.

  • We strongly recommend you to purchase through our referral links because the sellers are already verified.

  • Make sure you understand your local customs policies.

  • To make sure your order will be delivered correctly, carefully fill in your delivery address before making any payment.

  • Any payment made directly to a seller outside AliExpress.com is not protected. If a seller does ask you to make a direct payment to they, report them to AliExpress immediately.

  • Allow enough time to receive an item. Keep in mind the seller needs time to receive and confirm payment and ship the item. Pay attention to the seller’s guaranteed delivery time – you should be prepared to receive the item anytime within that timeframe.

  • Quickly make all necessary arrangements for collecting your order when it arrives at the destination. If you didn’t receive your order because you failed to arrange for its collection, the order will be finished.

  • Check your product carefully before confirmation

  • Leave Feedback. Leave honest, fair, factual feedback. This will let other buyers know about your experience with the seller and help keep AliExpress.com a safe place for buying and selling.

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